Tuesday, October 26, 2010

technÄ›: mastery of any sort of craft

. ANYTHING that JESUS is LORD over, you can make ART of it .

Psalm 90:12: "...teach us to # our days so that we may grow in wisdom..."

"Wisdom is a life of proportion that corresponds to reality...so that there is LARGE concern for what is important and LITTLE concern for what is unimportant. So, seek the kingdom first and let EVERYTHING ELSE BE ADDED TO YOU IN GOD'S WAY AND TIME. So, be a WISE people, a COUNTER-CULTURAL people, a KINGDOM-ORIENTED people, a GOD-BESOTTED people, a RISK-TAKING people, a kind of people who when you come to die, whatever time that may be...a week or a hundred years from now...will be glad that you walked with God DIFFERENTLY from those that are so concerned with such inconsequential things!"
-John Piper

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

under a sea of sparkling black

stars seem to dance in this clear midnight sky.
we ponder their figures and drink in the moon.

our bodies, they shiver; we breathe in and sigh:
the chill of the night has come much too soon.

eyes open we watch the face of a friend
delight in immortal dreams with eyes closed.

for a moment light and time almost bend
as hope embraces the futures we pose.

longings are hushed by the rustling trees,
the wind whispers grace over words taken back.

how cherished our gift of hearts such as these,
standing under a sea of sparkling black.

eyes open we watch the face of a friend
seep in this beauty and rest with eyes closed.

the cold dark ushers in a farewell, then
softly kisses us with silence composed.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

'JAZZ is what happens when people begin to live life together, life in concert,
live as an ensemble.  when we realize that we all dont have to be the same but rather we
each bring a different instrument to the song and as while we are playing the song then
we can play our instrument in the process we can syncopate and improvise
 and we call and respond and we learn to expect from one another.'

-if i were to tell you this man who is about to be on stage has been practicing the trumpet
for thirty years, youre going to expect something from him.  well if i tell you some man has been following Jesus for thirty years, what then?-

'what would happen in our churches if we learned how to practice christianity
together and in the stage of life we even assumed that each other were practicing?'


-Robert Gelinas

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Gnomes are so John 10:10...

Gnomes live John 10:10 hard. I need you to believe this.

 Gnomes get down. "The Boot-Slapping Dance."
Gnomes play hard.
  Gnomes partake on occasion.
Gnomes fill their lungs with fresh air.
 Gnomes know that the quiet moments are life-to-the-full.
 The best. "As the sun rises the father gnome reads a chapter from the SECRET BOOK."

Let us be like the Gnomes today, my friends.