Monday, September 6, 2010

Catch Our Disease

Come and join the movement.
You've heard murmurs in the streets
and somewhere deep inside yourself
a drum beats hard on the off-beats of life.
Few can actually grasp this movement,
for as the name implies --
it is a call to move.

No longer shall we stand around stagnant!
It is spreading, like an infectious disease.
We all felt it when we first contracted it.
It starts like a sore throat or small cough.
Next thing you know they're trying to quarantine you --
trying to stifle the spreading of yet another misplaced dreamer
before someone else gets sick.

Oh Dreamers.
Do you hear your call?
The enemy is coming, attacking from within.
Apathy threatens our freedom - our way of life.
Indecision threatens our relationships.
Stagnation threatens our well being --
our future...
our house.

We see it all around us,
parents standing in the middle of a graveyard of shattered dreams.
Wondering where life went.
Wondering how they came to this point.
One foot in the grave
and the rest of their body submerged to their neck in regret...
Death first!

We are the ones who will not settle.
We are the ones who will stand to fight.
We are the ones who will make you as sick as ourselves if you get to close.
So come on in and join the dream,
come on in and catch our disease.


  1. Ton-thugs! Bringin the heat. WOW. Snaps from KC.MO.

  2. whoa. i literally just caught my breath. now i'm attempting to lower my heart rate back to normal levels. thanks for the shot of adrenaline, tony.