Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Holy Mystery of Today

Each and every day is a Holy Mystery where everything that we see, say, hear, feel and do is God speaking directly to us. What is He saying today? Why is it that we find ourselves second guessing his voice? Constant bombardment of our hearts and minds by everything around us makes it difficult to solve this Holy Mystery of today. Yet all the clues are there; laid out in front of us like a simple puzzle. But most of the time – for some reason that seems beyond our grasp – we can’t quiet solve it. We stumble around blindly, trying to force the square piece into the circular hole and call it “God’s will.” Now we’re wondering why things in our lives just don’t seem to be lining up. We get mad and impatient and take it out on everything and everyone around us, never wanting to look inward for fear of what we might actually see there. But the simple truth is this. Nothing in our lives will ever line up when we continue to force it. We don’t need to be a clever sleuth like Nancy Drew or the Hardy Boys to solve the Holy Mystery that is today; we simply need to let go. A quiet heart is much easier to follow than trying to use a magnified glass to follow some footprints laid out in front of us. Embrace the mystery, look at the clues, see where they take you. Maybe the solution of today’s mystery has been staring you in the face the whole time. Open your eyes, quiet your heart, and let God’s will unfold in front of you today.


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